Pop-rock? Rock-pop? In French we say: Fragile

Fragile introduces their new album: Fragile IV

Fragile IV - Nouvel album du groupe rock français Fragile

The tracks on Fragile’s new album, simply called Fragile IV, are all previously unreleased, except for Dislocation. In this album, the band continues to explore their roots in pop-rock, woven through variously with touches of new wave and a darker kind of rock.

Beginning with a pop-sounding track, upbeat and positive (Dis-moi!), this album finishes with a long chorus, soft and unrushed (Le Ciel peut attendre). Heaven can indeed wait, can’t it?

In between, Elle devient folle stays in the same spirit but with a faster tempo. Toute une vie takes a little detour in a faster and fruitier sound, while the more acoustic, nostalgic, ocean-like Si tu viens avec moi comes as a surprise. Et le temps peut passer is a timeless declaration of love, which brings us back to a pop-rock environment. Les Discours, the text of which is (and will probably always remain) relevant, delivers a powerful tune on a medium tempo.

Then comes a nice, light and explosive surprise, clearly a musical tribute – Où où acts as a parenthesis in the middle of the album which then seamlessly continues with Toi, a stronger rock sound with a darker text. Toiinitiates a series of harsher tracks dominated by saturated guitars and darker texts: Marie is a bitter observation that “the world hasn’t changed”, while Ils s’aiment is a call for tolerance with a restless riff. Laissez-moi brings us to a troubled universe, infused with an appealing oriental melody.

Vivre, between disenchantment and hope, breaks this string of dark tracks returning to the pop-rock musical universe of the beginning of the album. With the guitars still at the fore, Dislocation offers touches of new wave-oriented synthesiser arrangements.

The album finishes on Le Ciel peut attendre, a soft track where light guitars lead the way, and ending with a long chorus of ad lib guitars, conjuring the raw spirit of a live rock concert…

How could we end this overview without mentioning the sumptuous voice of Fragile’s singer, Lydia, carrying each track and giving sense to each word and melody..!

As always with Fragile, purists of a certain musical genre will not be satisfied; but those who enjoy melodious rock and are open to a diversity of influences, will take pleasure in being led into this new musical journey.

You can find this album on our online shop (the best way to support the band) but also on the main digital platforms: itunesdeezerspotifyamazonBandcamp and many others.